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Transforming Lives Through Charity

If you are interested in supporting our foundation or if you have questions regarding our outreach programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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Stories That Keep Us Going

Through the years, Floyd and Gwendolyn Bryant Foundation, Inc. has inspired countless young men and women as well as married couples in East Point, Georgia and beyond. Floyd and Gwendolyn Bryant Foundation are dedicated in making contributions to other non-profits that does phenomenal work  for under served communities. 


For The Love Of Learning 2021

Evoline C. West Elementary School

Monetary gift cards were provided by Floyd and Gwendolyn Bryant Foundation

Our First Marriage Retreat

A Group Feedback

The first marriage retreat conducted by our organization was held in March of 2019. During the culmination, about 6 couples expressed their takeaways for the retreat. They said that they captured important lessons that helped enhance their marital relationship, and that they look forward to the next marriage retreat in 2020.

Testimonial Video

We are partners with Level Up

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