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A Heart for

Serving Others

If you are interested in supporting our foundation or if you have questions regarding our outreach programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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2023 Summer Camp Registration

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Making a Difference One Person at a Time

Floyd and Gwendolyn Bryant Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit foundation based in East Point, Georgia. We develop programs that focus on youth/students and communities. Our programs are centered on building:

      • Self-Esteem
      • Self-Confidence
      • Cultural Awareness
      • Education (that plays a part in success/growth)
      • Critical Thinking
      • Crime Prevention
      • Entrepreneurship

Our goal is to foster healthy marriages, which may include programs that are tailored towards marital communication and marriage sustainability. 

Our Foundation’s Ultimate Goals

Our overall focus is to foster successful marriages and raise cultural awareness for children all over Georgia.

Cultural Awareness Goals

There are children who have never been outside of their neighborhoods, cities, or counties. This results to having limited knowledge of what's going on in a macroscale. That is why we are prepared to take them on cultural awareness trips to widen their horizon as well as enhance their historical and academic knowledge.

Info on 2022 Summer Camp

2022 Summer Camp Registration Application

Food Bank Goals

Our organization deals with a lot of homeless kids in Title 1 schools, who have free or reduced lunch because of their economic situation. Some children only eat when attending school and many of the children are not able to eat during weekends when there is no public schools available. 

We realized that there are not a lot of organizations that answers this need. That’s why we are here to take action. We strive to assist homeless and economically deprived students through our programs.

Marriage Retreat Goals

We aim to have an annual marriage retreat to help couples discover or rediscover the path to a better marriage. Because marriage is not about survival.

We believe that marriage is a life-long partnership where each party respects the similarities and differences of one another. It’s a relationship rooted in love and mutual trust that needs to grow and flourish as time passes by.

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